Keta the Cat, Survives Surgery to Remove Massive Tumor and Now …

NEW YORK – Born a stray in the streets of New York, Keta was lovingly taken in by a care center, which decided that the massive tumor on the left side of her face would mean she’d need to be euthanized.

The tumor was so extremely large it poked out of the bottom of little Keta’s mouth, making it incredibly difficult not only to eat but also to see and breathe.

Left alone for just a few more months, Keta would have likely died.
But thankfully, she was found by Unwanted NYC Pets.

The volunteers worked quickly to raise money to give Keta the surgery she so desperately needed.

With the money they raised, the volunteers were able to send Keta for surgery – a huge risk, considering that the surgery required the actual removal of some of her jaw.

Volunteers were very worried that once the tumor was removed, Keta would no longer be able to see or eat.

Keta survived.

After a very short recovery time, Keta’s tumor was completely gone, her scars were indeed healing and she was finally able to see, eat, and also breathe in comfort.

And now, she lives just like any other kitty. She plays, she sleeps, she eats.

Keta’s Christmas wish? Keta is looking for a loving forever home.

Unwanted NYC Pets are currently searching for potential owners for Keta, preferably, who live in New York so that if any tumor-related issues arise again, they’ll be nearby and on-hand to help out.

If you live in New York and looking for a cat or know someone who is, get in touch with Unwanted NYC Pets through their website or Facebook.