They Lost Their Cat – But Then They Did the Only Sensible Thing!

Dexter was a very adventurous cat, who never wanted to be locked up inside the house. He arrived at the this family`s front door in Florida, looking for a little bit of food and after that disappear immediately.

Dexter was coming quite regularly, some time even twice a day to got some food, and the family was very pleased to have him as a new buddy. However, he never wanted to enter the house, even when Amanda tried to bring him inside to protect the kitty from Hurricane Matthew. However, the cat would only wait until the door was open and sneak away again.


Amanda, Eric, and their son Parker, cared for this kitty for one entire year. They were still loyal to him and even asked someone to feed him while they were on vacation.

Parker and the cat had become very close.

Sadly and unexpectedly, Dexter disappeared.

“My wife feared the worst because we live in a very busy area. He began looking into animal shelters to ask if by chance they had seen him”, said Eric.


One day, Eric noticed on a Facebook a photo of a cat that resembled Dexter and right away, went to the shelter to see if it was really him. The kitty, however, was not Dexter.

The cat at the shelter was actually due to be euthanized that day.

“I was his last visitor. He rubbed his head on my hand and started to purr. How could I leave him and let him die? ”


So, that day, the little Parker woke up from his afternoon nap to find a large box.

Inside was the newest family member, who they later named, Ollie.

Unfortunately, Dexter never did return, but the family still hopes that one day, that he will return to meet his double, and to become the fifth member of the family.