Love and Kindness Is What Turned This Sick Kitty’s Life Upside Down

Most of the times, all it takes to turn someone’s life upside down is kindness. Humans are social creatures bound to make friends, and it isn’t any different with cats. Both our species need support and help in hard times.

The kitten you can see in the video below was found in one guy’s backyard. It was obvious that it needed help – it just wasn’t in a good mood and refused human contact. The man contacted an animal shelter owner named Walter Santi and took it there, where it was diagnosed with a severe eye infection.

Fortunately, it wasn’t anything life-threatening, so the kitten made a full recovery. It needed a lot of support during the first two days, though, and he got it by all the cats found in the shelter. Now, the kitten’s finally able to see again and it doesn’t refuse playtime anymore.

Walter Santi is trying to find the kitten a new forever home, but no luck so far. We’re sure someone will get it soon – after all, who would refuse such a lovely kitty?