Meet this neighbourhood friendly cat, she goes from house to house asking for treats and cuddles, isn’t she a delight?

Who doesn’t love cats? They’re cuddly, but also sneaky thieves. Their dual personality is that makes us love them so much, even when they make us mad. Of course, cats consider themselves the most important part of the family even when they’re clearly not. They want to be fed on time and patted when they want feel like it. Don’t treat them well and you’ll regret it. And, that’s exactly what makes us love the little monsters so much.

The cat you can see in the pics below is called Mama. Mama is a neighborhood friendly cat that goes from house to house asking for cuddles and treats. Well, not exactly a neighborhood cat – she has an owner, but spends her days visiting others just so she can get more treats.

The members of one family don’t mind it at all. As a matter of fact, they’re waiting for Mama to come by every day and knock on the glass door. Afterwards, it’s cuddling and treats time!

Take a look at Mama in “action”: