Is Your Love For Cats Preventing You From Finding True Love in Today’s Dating Scene?

Whenever you look on Instagram there’s some other celeb popping up a new cute cat pic and it feels like there’s another cat café opening up every week.

But is your choice of household pet affecting your chance of love?

A new survey from Match, the UK’s most successful dating service, polled a total of 500 single female cat owners and found that 62 per cent of them were worried their cat would harm their chances in the dating game.


Nearly a quarter of respondents were concerned that potential partners would compare them with the ‘crazy cat lady’ stereotype.

Surprisingly though, other research shows that these kind of feline fears are seriously outdated.

More than half of Brits (56 per cent) said they’d have no issue with dating someone who has a cat, in fact a quarter believe it shows the person has caring side.

However, there is a limit it seems when it comes to being mad about your kitty because that view only changes once the number of cats goes up to three – at this point, owners start to stray into territory dangerously close to the old stereotype.

Which is good news, as 77 per cent said that they would never date someone who asked them to choose between them and their beloved feline!