Mama Cat Finds Her Babies Dead, Except One, and Does Everything She Can to Keep It Safe!

This story is definitely one of the sadder ones! However, one of the mama cat’s babies did survive and was rescued by the kitten.

The person who show the video, commented, “At the moment when I recorded it, this was a stray cat and she did not let anyone approach her, not even close. It may seem that I am near her, but that was only because I used the zoom feature (42x). In reality, I was far far away. You can notice it from the way the camera is shaking. This was not recorded in the U.S. so there was no animal control agency to call. Although it may not seem that way, there was really nothing to do at that moment. If I approached her it would only cause more trouble and endanger the kitten that was still alive”.

No information was available as to just how the other kittens died.