Man Was Watching TV But His Kitty Had Something Special To Say

Most people who love and have cats realize that the aloof stereotype is pretty much garbage. Some cats are much more affectionate than others, however, cats are generally pretty loving and happy to be around us, even if they don’t want to be pet and held all day long.

The cat in this story takes that to the extreme. Her human dad was just relaxing and watching a TV program in bed when she came over and started to hug him and demand a little lovin’. It’s quite all right, he wasn’t doing anything too important anyway!

But what did his kitty want?

Cats sometimes enjoy marking us with their scent. According to PetMD, it’s actually an affectionate behavior!

Check out just what she does though:

She just wanted some kisses! But now a question: Do cats understand what human kisses are? Mother Nature Network explained that the answer is probably, however, it’s very useful to understand how cats communicate affection through their own version of a “kiss”.

Has your beloved kitty ever looked at you, relaxed and content, and slowly blinked their eyes? Well, that’s their version of a kiss, tell you that he or she loves you!

And while you’re here reading, don’t forget to watch the adorable video below!