Turkish Man Rescues Cat Stuck in Tree, Becomes Stuck Himself

DHA photo

DHA photo

ISTANBUL, TURKEY – A Turkish man who had been attempting to rescue a cat stuck in a tree, surprised curious bystanders when he himself became stuck in the same tree himself after he had saved the kitty in the Bağcılar district of Istanbul. Umut Öztürk, who is 27, was trying to rescue the cat before firefighters arrived to save it, but ended up waiting for the fire department himself having become stuck.

“I have a cat at home. I couldn’t stand the fact that the cat was stuck. The people called the fire department, but they acted a little irresponsibly. I couldn’t wait and climbed the tree to save it,” stated Öztürk, who added that crows were hurting the cat in the meantime.

“The crows were harming the cat while I was climbing. I chased the crows away and threw the cat to the people under the tree, but ended up stuck there,” he went on to say.

Saying that he wasn’t able go down from the tree, which was approximately eight meters high, Öztürk said he waited for the fire department for almost a half an hour.

He was eventually rescued by the fire department, as the curious bystanders watched the scene.