Martin, a Blind Kitty, Picks Out A Friend At Shelter!

Martin, a blind kitty, was extremely lonely. And so, his humans took him to a shelter to pick out a friend.

“I adopted him after he his surgery that removed what remained of his ruptured eyes. He was a little lonely at first but we took him to the local Shelter and let him adopt a pet. Now he and Mr. Pinkerton are best buddies,” Martin’s mom explained on reddit.


“When Martin arrived in our home we tried to introduce him to our 14-year-old Miss Kitty. Unfortunately, Miss Kitty was an only cat for 14 years and she immediately vowed to hate Martin’s guts for the rest of her life.”


“This made blind Martin very sad. He cried outside her bedroom door every day while she stood on the other side hissing and being very angry that he existed.


You only need one good friend. And it seems Martin has found that special friend in Mr. Pinkerton!


How sweet!