Men Trapped in Storm Tunnel Risk Own Lives To …

MALAYSIA – A small group of workers for a landscaping company who found themselves trapped in a storm tunnel during a heavy downpour, risked drowning themselves all to save another soul in the same predicament – a cat.

When the Fire and Rescue Department first arrived to save the six Indonesian men, they were surprised to find a wet cat among the group.

Around the area of the South Klang Valley Expressway, the workers were in the midst of cutting grass all along the highway when a rainstorm forced them to take shelter in the storm tunnel.

However, the water level rose rapidly, and the six soon found themselves trapped and literally submerged in water.

As they continued to wait out the storm out, they noticed a cat which was being swept away by the strong current. Despite the imminent danger, they reached out and grabbed the feline, which clung to one of the men until help arrived.

“We received a call (on the incident) at 3.46pm, and dispatched a team of eight firemen from the Cyberjaya Fire Station to rescue the victims,” stated Selangor Fire and Rescue Department operations centre officer Mohd Hissam Sidik.

“The firemen lowered life jackets to the victims and used rope and a ladder to help the men to safety.

“One of them was holding a cat, which they saved from being swept away during the incident,” Hissam said.

The men – and cat also – were not injured at all in the incident, except for being drenched by rainwater, he went on to say.


h/t: │ By Hariz Mohd