Missing Cat Saved from Well Reunited with Human Mom

Roscoe the cat had goner missing for two whole weeks but fear not, this story has a happy ending.

A woman was overcome with joy and relief after her missing cat Roscoe was found and saved from a dried up well.

Two weeks after Roscoe had disappeared, neighbors heard fainted meows from an Oceanside dry well so they called firefighters for help.

About a dozen of them came to the scene. After they made sure the air was safe in the well, a young firefighter by the name of Danny Leboff descended into the narrow well, and Roscoe was brought back above ground, couldn’t wait to get out.

“The cat was ready to go, that’s for sure,” said Fire Chief John Madden.

Roscoe’s human was overwhelmed with joy and happiness when she saw her beloved tabby cat.

“She was very emotional… she couldn’t believe it was her cat,” Madden said. “I think she had given up on seeing him again.”

“She was just hysterical,” said Emma Ryan. “Everyone was clapping and cheering when the cat came out. It was such a happy Mother’s Day. Everyone’s a cat lover.”

“It feels good when you bring them back to their owners,” Madden said.

About a dozen firefighters came to help rescue Roscoe the cat and brought him to safety.

It was quite the emotional reunion!

Roscoe himself was equally as happy to be out and back in his human’s arms again.

Source: nypost.com

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