Made in Japan: Room Spray That Smells Like a Cat’s Head!

A lot of people talk about how wonderful babies’ heads smell, but for us cat people, there’s cats.

Specifically speaking, the tops of their heads. If you’re any sort of animal enthusiast or pet lover, you’ll have sniffed a cat’s head, and you’ll know it smells incredible wonderful.


So while this idea might seem a bit cracked, we can see why one Japanese company is bottling the scent.

Of course, we’re talking about healthy cats in the prime of their lives. Not all cat heads smell exactly the same, but as Kotaku translated from Naver Matome, the good ones smell something like “everything from the smell of sunshine to the sweet scent of just baked bread.”


Yamamoto Perfumery’s research was extensive, with the company’s head spending months in cat cafes getting everything just right.

In the end, they came up with Fluffy Brow Scented Fabric Water, which as the name suggests, is meant to be spritzed on soft furnishings.


Might make an ideal pillow spray, no?

Bottles are selling for $184 per bottle.

$185 per bottle. No, this is NOT a misprint!

You may want someone who speaks Japanese on hand to help you negotiate that website though.

Happy sniffing!

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