Watch Animal Rescuers Free a Cat From the Wall of a Boston Church! VIDEO

BOSTON – Rescuers needed to literally bust through the wall of a Dorchester church on Thursday, all to free a very vocal cat trapped inside. And it was all captured on video.

The Animal Rescue League of Boston originally posted the video. In the clip, a rescuer needed to remove the baseboard of the wall using a hammer. The cat meowed nervously as the work began. Once the rescuer poked a hole in the wall, the cat immediately pushed her paw through and began tapping it around on the floor. Once the hole was big enough for the cat to get out, the rescuer reached his hand inside and told bystanders the cat was rubbing against it.

Suddenly, the cat’s face appeared in the opening. She tentatively poked her head through. On the second attempt, she managed to push her entire body through and emerged with an enthusiastic “Meow.”

“She was thrilled to meet us,” the rescuers wrote in a post.

The ARL’s Animal Rescue Services Team comes to the aid of many injured or distressed domestic and wildlife animals throughout Massachusetts.