Man launches cat into air like a rugby ball as laughing friend films

In today’s edition of “I Don’t Want To Live On This Planet Anymore”, an idiot Welshman has managed to avoid jail after he filmed his friend throwing a cat into the air like a rugby ball! Joshua Weir can be seen launching the helpless cat in the air while his equally idiotic friend Lewis Brereton laughs and says “Hope you have nine lives!”.

Both men come from Rhyl, Wales, and pleaded guilty in court after the video was released online. They were sentenced to 8 weeks in prison and are banned from keeping animals for 3 years, while also being given a far-too-low fine of £460. The judge in court described Brereton’s and Weir’s act as ‘appalling’ and we have to agree.

Prosecutors from the RSPCA have condemned the act and asked for a harsher penalty. The men expressed their regrets and admitted to being drunk. Brereton also said that watching the video now is an ‘excruciating’ experience. Weir’s lawyer defender her client by saying that he acted totally out of character, which is why the court chairman decided to leave him out of prison. If you were worried about the cat, it seems to have avoided any injuries. Well, except for the mental trauma triggered by this terrible act.