Just Take A Look At These Cats Who Regretted Their Poor Choices! We Can’t Stop Laughing!

Everyone knows how adventurous cats can be, and it’s just hilarious to see them regretting their poor life choices. Have you ever seen your cat in a predicament? Take a look at the cats below – each of them has made a mistake and it shows on their face. We just can’t stop laughing!

1. “This hammock is NOT working out for me.”

2. “You just going to stand there like an idiot or are you going to help me?”

3. “Hmmmm, okay I’ll admit I got my calculations wrong on this one.”

4. “I’ve come as Napoleon..”

5. “Throw it. I’m open!’……. “F%#@*”

6. “Help! I’m drowning, OoOoOoOo quarter!”

7. “Yeah, I don’t even know, I could smell food, don’t judge me!”

8. “This is actually going surprisingly well, why is my photo on that stupid list?”

9. “Errr.. Don’t just stand there, help me out!”

10. “There was a bug…it’s gone now. But it uhhh over powered me, yeah it over powered me.”