Never Say These 10 Things To A Cat Owner

Cat people are always protective of their kitties, so you’d better be careful about what you’re saying about their cats in front of them. Cat people don’t like hearing anything bad about their felines and there are some things you need to avoid saying when talking to them if you want your relationship to last.

Here are 10 things you should never say to a pet owner:

1. Cats are the best pets anyone can ever have. Never tell them that cats are not better than dogs. They will never take this.

2. Declawing cats was never an option for them, so you better not mention that. They will just tell you to stay away from their cats if it hurts so much.

3. Just like cats, cat people also know how to keep their surroundings clean. Never complain about their kitties creating all the mess in their homes. They know how to take care of it.

4. Cats are just like any other member of the family. You never tell them to stop crying over losing a kitty. That pain is real.

5. Hair all over the clothes is a part of owning a cat. You never complain about that or you must stay far away.

6. Hating cats is the last thing they want to hear about. You better not open your mouth or they will recite kitten stories until you fall in love with one and decide to get a kitty yourself.

7. Being a crazy cat lady will never be a problem to them. But being your friend after hearing that can be.

8. Preventing feline pregnancy is not wrong. So you stop preaching about what’s right or take the kittens to your home.

9. Cats are always adorable. You never say that they are ugly, no matter how they look.

10. Cats are just super smart. Never say that they are sneaky and evil. No cat lover will accept that.