10 Reasons Why Leaving Your Cat With Your Children is Not a Good Idea

Cats are very naughty and that’s a fact. You know who else can be naughty? Kids. Due to these facts, leaving your kids with your cats may not be the best idea. And, no, we’re not talking about cats attacking your kids – cats are actually great with your kids.

It’s the other way around. Your kids may destroy the cat in different ways – here are 10 examples which will show you what might happen:

1. Sharing is caring. The kitties couldn’t leave the baby hungry so they decided to share their food with the baby.

2. Is this kid trying to give the kitty a massage? Good luck with that little kitty!

3. This kid is trying to teach the kitty how to scare away people. Everyone should know self defence. This kid is doing a really good job.

4. This cat has the most amazing hooman ever. The kid knew that the kitty would definitely enjoy it. So there you go kitty, have the best ride of your life.

5. Where did the kitty go? Were you playing hide and seek with the legos? The kitty needs immediate help maybe.

6. This kiddo is really proud of her art. The princess kitty looks just amazing and super cute.

7. This kitty came from the Stone age. He is trying to contact the ghosts from his past and the kid is helping him.

8. When you are exploring the possibilities of a good future and you have a kitty to help you out. We appreciate the kitty’s patience.

9. When your little girl is having the best time ever, but we can’t say the same about the kitty. Doesn’t he seem really angry?

10. What does this hooman consider me as in her life? Doesn’t she know anything about cats. I am not enjoying this at all. Take me out of here.