Niagara Falls City Council to Consider SPCA of Niagara’s Orange Cat Campaign

A Niagara Falls city councilman is currently working with the SPCA of Niagara to bring its Orange Cat Campaign to the Cataract City.

The trap-neuter-release program is hoped to reduce the feral cat population in the city.

A resolution from Councilman Kenny Tompkins to support the measure will be voted on during an upcoming city council meeting. To launch the program, Tompkins announced that he is able to secure $2,500 from some private donors.

SPCA of Niagara’s Executive Director Amy Lewis stated the Orange Cat Campaign began in the Village of Lewiston last year as a means of reducing their community cat population by way of spaying/neutering.

“If endorsed by the city council, the SPCA will go to work approaching businesses in the city to help raise funding for the program by selling orange paper cats for $1,” Lewis stated.

Money raised from this campaign will then go towards Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) practices which have shown to be effective in many other cities with growing populations of free-roaming cats. It was estimated last fall that there were/are approximately 60,000 feral cats within the city limits.


“There was a resolution for an ordinance put forth earlier in the year to address this issue that created quite a stir with animal lovers and was subsequently tabled,” stated Tompkins. “Some aspects of that ordinance were viewed as not providing humane treatment for these cats. I was able to work with Ms. Lewis and SPCA of Niagara board member Jennifer Pitaressi, who shared this program with me and asked if we might support it. This is an extremely positive solution that I believe everyone can get behind. I am honored to be able to bring this to the council.”

Lewis added, “The city has needed a program like Orange Cat to help get its feline population under control for a while now. We’re elated that Councilman Tompkins saw the value in the Orange Cat campaign and agreed to bring it before the council. …

“The SPCA hopes to work with volunteer trappers to begin the Orange Cat Campaign this summer.”