UPDATE – On Benben, The Saddest Cat – and the Special Way He is ‘Giving Back’!

CANADA – We recently posted the story of Benben, who has been nicknamed the “saddest cat in the world” after a photo of him was posted online showing him waiting for adoption on death row.

Fortunately for Benben he was adopted in a nick of time and now lives with two loving humans, Sandy and Adam.

Along with the help of his humans, he is currently using his new-found fame to raise money for other animals in need.

“Unfortunately the BC SPCA don’t have a lot of funding to help strays that come through their building. So we thought we could help other cats just like BenBen,” explained Wendy.

The couple has recently set up a GoFundMe to raise money to help other animals and is already very close to their $5,000 goal.


All the money which is raised will go towards stray animals who require special help just like Benben did.

Way to go Benben! Paw it forward!

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Click here to donate to the BenBen FundFund for Animals in Need!