Nobody Expected Her To Survive, But Wait Until You See the Transformation!

Her name is Raggedy Ann!

When they first rescued this 14-year-old cat, she was the same weight as a 4-month-old kitten. And while nobody expected she would be able to recover, she proved them wrong!

Raggedy Ann weight was a mere 3 pounds and 15 ounces when Saving One Life – a rescue group located in Chandler, Arizona – found her.

Credit: Saving Raggedy Ann- A Foster Story

Just prior to being rescued, Ann was living in a double-wide mobile home with 40 other cats and 2 dogs. She was skin and bones!

Credit: Saving Raggedy Ann- A Foster Story

“When the director and I saw the photo, our hearts just broke!” stated Brianne Youngberg, fosterer of Saving One Life.

“Our wonderful director agreed that she is the reason that Saving One Life exists but warned me that just from that photograph my fostering would more than likely be hospice care.”

“The first night she was home with me, she slept so soundly that at one point I swore she had passed. However, she proved us all wrong.” Brianne added.

Credit: Saving Raggedy Ann- A Foster Story

Luckily, Ann is a true fighter and she began to recover, and with every day that passed, she gained a few ounces.

Malnourished cats obviously need time for their body to get used to food. She could barely lift her head due to muscle atrophy.

Credit: Saving Raggedy Ann- A Foster Story

They prepared a warm and comfortable environment just for Ann so that she could focus on healing.

“Everyday for the first two weeks, I had to give her fluids to ensure she was staying hydrated,” Brianne stated.

Credit: Saving Raggedy Ann- A Foster Story

With a lot of love and attention, Ann began to shine again!

“Everyday my husband and I are blown away with how much progress that she has made,” Brianne stated.

“She is now out and about, socializing with our cats and other fosters, climbing the cat trees and playing with toys. I think at least once a day we look at her and comment that she is a true feline now.”

Ann loves climbing cat trees and she is also an avid bird watcher from the windows. And she adores humans!

Credit: Saving Raggedy Ann- A Foster Story

Ann recovered her weight in just about four months to over 10 pounds.

“This sweet girl fought and proved us all wrong. When I took her in I assumed it most likely, because of her condition, would be for hospice care. She never gave up, so neither did we.”

Ann truly demonstrates that we should never give up and every single day is precious.

Credit: Saving Raggedy Ann- A Foster Story

She has a lot of love to give and she can’t wait to share it!

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