Nuns Cared For This Homeless Cat And Dog Until Finally …

Hope For Paws was contacted concerning an unusual pair, a homeless dog and kitten, in need of their help. After arriving there at the site, the rescuers learned that the dog, Ariel, had been coming to beg for food every day at the California Mission, and the nuns there happily cared for their visitor. After some time the sisters noticed that Ariel was joined by a little kitten, Sebastian. Both of the animals took refuge with the kind nuns and became great friends – all they lacked was a real home.

The little matted dog was just too scared to come close to the rescuers, even though she was very keen on the offered food. Finally, she was indeed captured thanks to Sister Latecia, the only person Ariel would follow. With a lot of patience, Sebastian the kitten was caught as well and both friends were transported to the rescue.

Ariel and Sebastian were then groomed, given medical care, and soon moved to their foster home where they are now waiting for their very own forever home sweet home.

If you yourself might be interested in adopting them, check out the Hope Ranch Animal Sanctuary website. And if you would like to learn more about Hope For Paws, click here.