Tiny Kitten Went From Kennel to Kayak All Because His Guardians Chose to Adopt Not Shop!

Life in an animal shelter can be incredibly depressing and lonely for any animal. No matter how many times shelter workers come around for some snuggles and even if an animal does happen to be lucky enough to have a bed in their kennel, nothing can take away the hopeless feeling of having to stay in a shelter day after day.

Things only get worse when prospective adopters come through and end up picking some “other” puppy or kitty. Not being chosen must be heartbreaking for any animal and sadly these creatures have no idea how close they are from death at any moment. Unfortunately, this is the reality for millions of homeless animals in the U.S.

When kind people finally do adopt some of these animals, most of them make sure to spoil them and take them on as many adventures as possible to make up for all that time they spent in the shelter.

For some animals, this might mean a trip to the park every day or plenty of walks around the block. For others, things get, well, even more adventurous!

This is the story of Magic, a kitten who was rescued back in April 2016 and has been living quite an adventurous life ever since.


All he needed is a little protective gear (raincoat, leash) and he was ready for whatever the day has in store!


Sometimes that means discovering a brand new lake or river…


…or maybe enjoying the sound of the ocean from a dock.


Magic absolutely loves to travel by kayak! Here he is on Lake Wenatchee, just soaking in some of the scenery.


He likes to go as far up as possible and then watch his aquatic friends swim by…


A life of adventure can sure get pretty tiring, so Magic all makes certain to take plenty of cat naps throughout the day, no matter where he is.


The adventuring never seems to end for Magic, whether he’s in a boat or traveling by paw!


He even has made some brand new friends along the way!


There are probably a lot of adventuring days ahead for this little guy, we’re so happy he’s finally out of the shelter and able to experience life to the fullest!


Taking adventures and soaking in all that this beautiful world has to offer must be a fun experience that only gets better when you can bring a furry companion along!

Magic more than likely had no idea his life would be anything like this when he was waiting listlessly in a kennel. He went from days of isolation and sadness in a shelter to ones filled with happiness, adventure, and constant interaction.

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