Open-air Cat Sanctuary Home to 370 Kitties in Hawaii

LANAI CITY, HAWAII — A Hawaiian animal shelter specializing soley in stray cats showed how its 370 felines enjoy the facility in a video posted online.

The video shows the 370 or so “Hawaiian Lions” at the Lanai Cat Sanctuary in Lanai City, Hawaii, enjoying the open air and attention from both shelter workers and volunteers.

“The sanctuary is a spacious, open-air 15,000-square-foot enclosure,” the shelter’s website states.

According to a sanctuary official, “The enclosure is complete with cubicles for sleeping, “pallet palaces” for hiding, large 8-foot-long irrigation pipes for playing and kitty-climbing jungle gyms. The enclosure contains a selection of bushes, long grasses and trees for the cats to play, nap and climb in and on. Some of these trees also provide sleeping perches for our more adventurous felines. On many days you can spot cats swaying in the breeze in the crooks of the tree branches. We are privileged to have a ‘purrrfect’ welcoming committee to greet guests when they enter this feline sanctuary.”

It appear life is good for these island cats!

Photo credits: Lanai Cat Sanctuary

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