Some Of The Most Amazing Looking Desserts Honoring Cats (And They Look Yummy, too!)

From the United Kingdom …

Cats will sit anywhere they wish and take a nap as long as that area is about the size of their body. Perhaps not! They especially love sinks for some reason, which is kinda weird because they hate water. In fact, cats sitting in sinks is quite an epidemic but a cute one. Take a look at these cookies that recreate this phenomenon …


These cookies are made by Leeds-based baker Lou Lou P’s Delights. They are sandwich cookies that are edible cats in sinks and they all seem to be saying, “If I fits I sits.” And that, in reality, seems their only criteria for a choice napping spot.

Not only are they cute, but they also look delicious. These are the very cookies that we didn’t know we needed.

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Here’s another interesting kitty treat for us crazy cat people …

These are from the Kyoto Café … Cat Parfaits!!! Or if you prefer … Cat-faits!!!

In Japan, odd foods are not a new trend. In fact, odd seems to be the norm as well as the expected. We don’t get much of the whimsy that Japan likes here in the states but most of us seem to respect it. Take these cute and tasty cat parfaits. They aren’t made out of real cats of course, they appear to be mostly made of ice cream.

It seems all these kinds of cat desserts are insanely popular, selling out quickly after they are offered. At this point, you have to get there before 1:00 pm to get one for yourself.

The Japanese truly love cats. They practically worship them. It’s too bad some of this kitty love doesn’t rub off on all of the countries in Asia.

Here is one more .. yet another whimsical creation out of Japan …

One of the highlights of eating Chinese food is the fortune cookie that they give us at the end of the meal. The fortunes usually say stupid things and give you some random unlucky lotto numbers or pronunciation for Chinese words on the back, In Japan however, they do fortune cookies a bit differently. They stuff little kitties into their fortune cookies!

When you crack them open a little cat shaped toy is inside that is about the size of a nickel. We here at The Best Cat Page wonder what the cookie tastes like. I guess it really doesn’t matter. The most important part is the novelty inside. And no matter what you do, don’t try to eat the cats as they are not edible!

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