Orphaned Lamb Named Fifi Snuggles With Her Cat and Dog Friends at Edgar’s Mission! – VIDEO!

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At Edgar’s Mission sanctuary which is located in Victoria, Australia, the abandoned animals often form unusual friendships due to their tragic pasts. This couldn’t be more true in the case of Fifi, a baby lamb who was rescued from a meat farm after her mother died.

Missing her mother’s attention, Fifi now makes friends with absolutely everyone on the farm, including Snow Tiger and Snow Leopard, two kitten siblings rescued from the streets.

“It’s as if Fifi believes she is a member of their litter! Pam Ahern, the founder of Edgar’s Mission,” told The Dodo:

“Fifi is just so curious (like all little babies are) and loves exploring everything.”


She has an undeniable love for kittens!

Fifi’s friendly menner has brought out the best in the kittens, particularly one of them, Snow Tiger. Ahern added:

“It is amazing to witness the turn around of Snow Tiger from frightened, spitting and scratching kitty, to purring bundle of fur who just wants to cuddle up for love.”

However, Fifi’s most loyal companion of all is Ruby, the resident dog who they call the “Vet Nurse”, as she looks after all the animals on the farm.


Here’s Fifi giving her canine companion some love:

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“We love watching the different species interact here at the sanctuary, their non-judgmental ways is something we humans could well emulate,” Ahern stated. “They never care how one looks.”

So that Edgar’s Mission can continue the amazing work it does providing care, shelter and forever homes to animals in need, you can support them here:

Photo credits: Edgar’s Mission