Pictures Of 15 Cats That Went Viral On The Internet Just This Year

Cats truly are funny creatures – they are extremely mobile, flexible and even quirky! They are able to hide anywhere, in anything. This picture just below illustrates why – as well as 14 other cats who do the silliest and funniest things!

We can understand the agony of losing your pet, but what if your pet never left but just stayed on top of a door edge?

Obviously, she didn’t want you to open this letter..

And how accurate and creative is this??

CatDog are obviously best friends!

Too much catnip may be harmful to cats – owners beware!

A parent’s over-protectiveness should never be at all underestimated.

We just laughed out loud at this one!

What a unique fur pattern this kitty has!

Meet Josie and the Pussycats – the feline version.

Now enter the chosen one – star wars style!

This cat sure had a truly great Christmas present!

Aww – even cats sleeping can be so decent!

Dinnertime should be a fun time, even for cats!

You would never expect him to even fit in there.

Listen up, ladies – take this cue here from a cat!

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