Sunny the Cat hates When Her Owner Sings ABBA Songs! – VIDEO!

Mamma mia — this frisky kitty absolutely HATES music by ABBA!

NEW JERSEY – A New Jersey house cat named by the name of Sunny gets so riled up when her owner sings that she physically assaults her to get the shrill tunes to stop.

“Maybe she doesn’t like my singing,” Marianne Kane explained to Caters News Agency.

Kane, who runs a fitness and lifestyle business, managed to capture just one of the attacks on video and uploaded it to her YouTube channel last week.

In the minute-long clip, Kane begins singing ABBA’s “Thank You For The Music,” when her gray feline friend appears on the screen, quite disgruntled.

At first, Sunny paces around a bit , but once Kane starts hitting the higher notes, she pounces.

The feisty cat charges at her at least five different times during the serenade, even taking a swat at Kane’s face before Kane finally stops singing.

“Sunny has the most amusing character of any cat we’ve ever owned,” Kane said to Caters. “She has a ton of energy, she’s extremely intelligent, talkative, and always looking for something to destroy or attack.”

“We love her so much in spite of the fact that she has a tendency to play rough,” she admitted.

Listen to the original Abba song here: