Rescue Puppy Missing a Paw Finds Love from Unlikely ‘Parents’

Every newborn animal, just as newborn humans, need some good old fashioned motherly love and rearing.

This adorable little runt of a puppy is no exception.

And just as some human mothers, some mothers in the animal world just aren’t fit to be mothers. Unfortunately for this wee one of a pup, his real mother didn’t want anything to do with him and it was said that she actually tried to eat him.

At just a few days old, Nicolas the pup was adopted by these two kitties. The cats instinctively seems to know that the pup was in some sad shape and they immediately sprung into action, accepting Nicholas as one of their own.

Even when the pup was in the company of humans to be fed and to have his bandage changed, these two hero kitties were right there beside them as if to be lending him some kind of moral support.

And when it was time for snuggles and sleep, it was right back to the kitties Nicholas went. They were there for him so he wasn’t cold or lonely, always purring incessantly if trying to sooth Nicolas, re-assuring him that he wasn’t only safe, but loved.

“Gladly, with constant care from me, my cats and my other 5 dogs he turned into a lovely dog!” Aleovir said on Bored Panda.