Rescued From the Embers of a Fire – No One Ever Expected This!

Renee Soucy goes on to describe how this tiny fur-baby was found:

“We found him stuck under a 3-day old fire in a backyard. He was crying and barely moving and was burned with singed fur and whiskers. We rushed him to a 24-hour animal emergency. He was about 6 weeks old when we got him.”


Things didn’t look good at all for this fur-baby, but he was put on antibiotics and medication for the pain. However,Renee was not ready at all to give up!

“After the first night I knew he would be okay. He slept and ate all through the night.”

It wasn’t long before it was apparent what a little fluff ball he was, and what a brave one!”

“He never stopped moving and exploring. He’s not scared of the bigger cats or heights or stairs. He is so brave and he’s his own little person and lives every day to his fullest.” stated Renee.

“He’s our little trooper.”

Little Ember, who was named after the fire he was found in, now has a long and happy life to look forward to!