Iran Rescue Group Saved Two Cats From Their Death!

Meet two cats, their names are Tennessee and Pofak.

Both of these kitties were rescued from certain death by the Iranian rescue group called Cats of Ekbatan.

The organization and donations both went to fund the cats’ recoveries.

Pofak was discovered with a damaged diaphragm and was barely able to breathe while out in the streets.

Even after her surgery was over, it took a while to find someone to adopt her.

However, a couple hailing from New York flew over to adopt the cat

Tennessee was barely hanging on when he was found by a passer-by in Tehran, just lying underneath a car. The kind-hearted man scooped him up and immediately took him to Cats Of Ekbatan.

At first. he wasn’t even able to eat but eventually, he recovered.

And as for that family in New York who adopted Pofak? Well, they decided they wanted to adoptTennessee, too!

And so once more, they made their long journey from Tehran to the United States to give this kitty a loving forever home, too.