Research Study in One Country Examines the “Sociology of Cat Daddies” … Interesting Stuff!


AUSTRALIA – The “crazy cat lady” is a well known phenomenon but now new research highlights that Australian men are just as likely to go over the top about their feline friends.

There are at least two million dedicated cat people in Australia. They own a cat but not a dog. And one million of those are men are certified – “crazy cat men”.

Roy Morgan Research reveals that most cat men have very specific personalities and lifestyles. The higher the income the more likely they are to favor felines over canines or any other pet.

Bosses tend to be big cat lovers. Half of the nation’s cat men are employed as either a department head or a branch manager, 28 per cent in IT and 28 per cent are likely to be a general manager.

Male cat lovers are more inclined to be prefer to stay at home and enjoy hobbies, and 70 per cent are likely to live with a partner or lover.

“Cat people are over-­represented in high-value groups such as the older, refined, ‘set for life’; the socially aware; well-educated, worldly and wise; and the upwardly mobile,” Andrew Price from Roy Morgan Research stated.

We here at The Best Cat Page would love to see similar studies done everywhere … in every country!