Stray Kitten Trapped In A Burning House Runs Straight To Her Rescuer

CANADA – Just last February, a house was engulfed in flames in Saskatoon, which is a town in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada.

While he was out and busy filming the firefighters put out the flames, Christian Canfield, who is a resident of the town, noticed a somber figure quickly approaching him in tiny bounds in the snow and emitting high-pitched meows.

Much to his surprise, it was a tiny cat, slightly burnt who was looking for help. Immediately, Christian immediately took him in his arms and brought him to a fireman.

Once the residents of the building were all declared safe, and the fire was put out, the animal was taken to a veterinarian who treated the burns to his nose, paws, and ears.

Source: Saskatoon SPCA

The SPCA in Saskatoon, which is the equivalent to the ASPCA in the U.S., immediately took in little Scarlett, who was named after Scarlett O’Hara, the leading lady of Gone With the Wind. One of them explained:

“I’ve spent a few weeks with little Scarlett, and can sincerely say she is one of the most affectionate and cuddly kittens we’ve ever met, despite her extensive burn injuries”.

Source: Saskatoon SPCA

Two months following her surprising rescue, this brave, little kitten has transformed and is in great shape. Her injuries have healed, and she was recently reunited with Christian, the hero who saved her.

Completely touched by the courage and perseverance of the animal, he said,

“I would love to adopt her, but I’ve already got three other cats and a dog”.

Scarlett is still currently looking for a family to offer her all the love, attention and care that she needs after this trauma.

Despite the terrors she has already been through, she’s ready to bring happiness to anyone who is willing to open their home and heart to her!

You can find out more about how to adopt her, please click here.

Source: CBC News