Happy Birthday To Lil Roux the Bunny Cat Who Has Turned Two!

It’s this two-legged “bunny cat’s” birthday, and our hearts are full

It’s this two-legged “bunny cat’s” birthday, and our hearts are full

In today’s “Awwww” moment, we’re celebrating the birthday of the most adorable two-legged kitty in the worldm (which was yesterday) Roux, (whose full name is really Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux Hendrickson Dean Akey) is the adopted “bunny cat” of Jackie Dean Akey who hails from Louisiana. Last year, Jackie found out that the sprightly little cat, who was born without her front legs, had been surrendered to a shelter and decided to open her home and her heart to her. Now the two live a lovely life over in New Orleans along with Akey’s other pet, an actual bunny named Kangaroo.

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These days, Lil Roux the bunny cat not only has a wonderful forever home and a best bunny friend forever, but she’s also a mildly famous cat star onInstagram. The purrfectly sweet kitten has a whopping 321k followers! And if you just look at some of her pics, you can probably understand why she’s such a hit:

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Thanks to her human mama, Jackie, Roux is now celebrating her second birthday and she is doing it in style. Happy Birthday, Roux, and may you have many happy returns of the day!