Russian Feline Sits on Professional Cyclist’s Shoulders During Bike Rides! – VIDEO!

There aren’t many cat owners who can brag that their cat has a cycling club membership!

However, this Russian moggy has just that after he began cycling regularly with owner, whose name is Alexei.

Named Semyon Semyonych, this kitty covers many miles a day sitting on Alexei’s shoulders.

Entertaining video footage document’s the duo’s trips together, with the cat perching on a padded shoulder rest and looking entirely unfazed.

He sits patiently as Alexei cycles but soon wants to explore when they come to a stop, poking his head up at the branches above the cyclist’s helmet.

Passers-by can be seen stopping and just staring as the unlikely pairing rides by.

The two then easily move back into their cycling positions in between breaks, with Alexei scooping up Semyon Semyonych and placing him casually on his back before the moggy manoeuvres himself into place.

The cat peers in front down the road beside his owner’s head, as well as peering around his surroundings.

The professional cyclist from Ulyanovsk states, ‘It all started when I taught him to sit on my shoulder.

“I taught him during one day. My first cycle ride with him was on March 4. I cycle the whole year round, but he did it on March 4 for the first time.”

After the cat began his two-wheel outings alongside his owner, he even received his own business card which confirms his cycling club membership, as showcased in the footage.

Meanwhile, Alexei intends to increase the distance he and his companion cover every day from 20 to 60 miles.