Dog Waits For Her Best Friend To Come Home

There’s absolutely no reason why two species can’t co-exist in the same household, however, the saying “fighting like cats and dogs” still seems to be very popular. Perhaps it’s because their demeanors are so different there’s something to this expression.

You can’t tell that to Camilla, though. Camilla is a yellow labrador retriever who just so happens to be best friends with a kitten whose name is Tobias. Turns out, the cat just survived a very scary ordeal.

Tobias had been taken to the vet recently and his owner was informed that he only had a 20% chance of living…

However, against all odds somehow, Tobias managed to recover! When Tobias arrived back home, Camilla was right at that gate waiting to see her good friend again!

Watch Tobias’ and Camilla’s reunion in its entirety in the video right here:

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