Russia’s Most Famous Gourmand Cat Dies

RUSSIA – Russia’s perhaps most famous cat who was named Matroska, an Internet star, has died in Vladivostok, in Russia’s Far East.

The feline even had her own Twitter and Instagram accounts. The cat became famous in Russia nationwide after an incident in December 2014, when she got into a food display at a fish store at the airport of Vladivostok and ate seafood worth 63,000 rubles (about $900).The feline became a true star of social networks in Russia immediately. Soon after the incident, the cat became a mascot for a local hockey team, called “Admiral.”

“The stray cat has become famous all over the country, having eaten seafood worth a good monthly salary at the airport of Vladivostok, and then got a lucky ticket to live at Admiral hockey team for another two years as a member of our big sports family. It is very sad that we have lost our cat,” a message posted on the official website of the hockey team states.