Sammy the Cat Attends University Every Day to Give Students Soothing Snuggles

Forget nap pods and and even yoga sessions – this is the only form of de-stressing we want in our universities.

For some years now, the University of Augsburg in Bavaria, which is located in southern Germany, has played host to a very special visitor: a little ginger cat whose only mission is to give students soothing snuggles.To be clear, the cat hasn’t been officially hired by the university’s staff. She just started popping up on campus when she was just one year old, realized she liked hanging around with students, and has been visiting every day since then.

Her owner lives close-by and has no issue with the cat spending her days helping out the students, who call the cat Sammy or The Campus Cat.Sammy now knows many of the students quite well, and will always run to them to sit on their lap and cuddle up.During each daily trip to the campus, Sammy always enjoys lounging outside in the sun. But her very favorite spot is in the library, where she can check in on students who are stressed out from revising for exams and offer support.


In short: Sammy is the very hero everyone needs right now. Everyone deserves to have a Sammy in their lives!