Mama Stray Cat Had A Very Special Present for A Man Who Loves Cats

A stray cat mama brought her single kitten to a man who had been caring for the neighborhood cats for some time and decided to take refuge in his backyard.

“I found them in my dog house just laying there. I tried to look for other (kittens) if any but didn’t have luck,” Max said via reddit.

He believes it’s very likely that the cat mama only gave birth to one kitten. “I’m very close with my neighborhood cats. They like to sleep with my dog in her dog house.”

Max calls the neighborhood strays his cats as he does his best to take care of them as much as he can. He has spayed and neutered several cats that he could catch out of his own pocket and is now helping the cat mama and her baby, keeping them safe, fed, healthy, comfortable and happy.

“The little kitty sure loves to explore around the house,” Max told the great folks at Love Meow.


He is keeping the mama and the kitten together and both of them will be spayed when the time comes.

What a wonderful family!