Say Hi To The Most Photogenic Cat In The World!

We can all agree that some cats are photogenic while others are not. This cat certainly is – meet Nyankichi, a cat from Kagoshima, Japan which is probably the most photogenic cat in the world! Nyankichi’s owner loves taking photos of his cat and it the cat doesn’t seem to mind.

Take a look at the most photogenic cat in the world in “action”:

1. Walking out clean and calm after making a huge explosion.

2. That is not happening any time soon. You better get it straight.

3. The kitty just added to the beauty of the nature.

4. You can relate to this kitty as he has similar interests as you.

5. The kitty is a natural at it, he doesn’t need any instructions whatsoever.

6. A lot of people are a fan of the kitty’s swimming talent.

7. His hooman knows how to select good backgrounds that will add to the kitty’s beauty.

8. No matter how sleepy the kitty is, he will always get up and pose.

9. This feline creature has an intriguing mind that drags him towards adventurous things.

10. He is a total poser. He does everything in a fancy way. You never know when you might get captured!