These 8 Signs Will Tell You If Your Cat Likes You Or Not

Humans can never tell for sure if their cats love them or not. They may seem cuddly one moment but can scratch out your eyes in another. Cats are not an open book like dogs when it comes to expressing their love. However, you don’t need to worry. They may not know how to show it, but you can bet that they do love you.

Here are 8 small signs that prove your cats really love you:

1. Are you getting presents from your cats? If yes, then be happy about it even though those presents maybe alive at times.

2. The cats only expose their belly when they trust you enough to do that.

3. Headbutts are only reserved for the ones whom they love.

4. The cats show their love by biting and nibbling their hooman’s hands. It may be a bit painful at times.

5. The feline creatures will follow you everywhere you go.

6. Kneading is a part of love!

7. Does your kitty twitch its tail on seeing you?

8. Never underestimate the power of a purr!