This Kitty Is On The Balcony For The First Time And Its Reaction Is Priceless!

Cats react in a weird way when they see something for the first time.

Take this kitty for example – his owners allowed him to go to the balcony for the first time and his face says it all.

Take a look at the funny pics below:

Meet Nuka, the amusing kitty!

Probably before seeing this, the kitty didn’t have any idea about how giant this world is. He was truly amazed by everything he saw.

Essi never thought that when she would take her kitty to the balcony for the very first time, she will get to witness such amazing reaction of the kitty. The kitty seemed completely shocked after what he saw.

The kitty is curious to see the flying creatures in the sky. Maybe he is wondering how delicious will they taste. Only if he knew the secret to hunt them down.

No wonder the kitty looks even more adorable in the pictures. The cat has managed to get everyone’s love and attention through this amazing reaction.