Scalped, Burned Kittens Up for Adoption Soon in North Carolina!

NORTH CAROLINA – A total of four kittens that rescuers say show signs of abuse will be up for adoption soon.

The kittens were found back on May 18 during a rainstorm just outside of RHA psychiatric building behind Onslow Memorial Hospital, RHA employee Aida Garcia said.

The first kitten, who’s been named Roxanne, was found underneath an employee’s car. She was shaking from the cold and wet weather, Garcia stated. The employee immediately brought the kitten inside and Garcia knew there were most likely more kittens out there.


After a walk around the building a bit, Garcia found no more kittens, However, a short time later, three more were spotted on the other side of a chain-link fence, Garcia recalled. Reaching through the fence and using a lasso-type leash, Garcia was just then able to get the other three kittens and brought all of them to Katie Barger, a friend who could help take care of them.

Olive had no outward signs of abuse but was the least friendly of the group and most afraid of the four, Barger mentioned. One of her eyes is completely closed shut due to a condition which is called conjunctivitis.

The top of Mo’s head showed signs of what appeared to be cigarette burns and Curly had been scalped, the fur on the top of the head removed, she went on to explain. The kittens were just 4 weeks old back when they were found.

“They all had eye infections,” Barger stated. “They all had respiratory infections from being out in the rain.”

Barger and Garcia went to Onslow County Animal Control to report what had happened, but the Manager, whose name is Richard Gabbert, said at this point there’s not much that can be done.

“There was no witness to the actual event,” Gabbert determined. “We don’t know if the cats were dropped off there, we don’t know if the cats wandered over there.”

No one at all has come forward to say they saw someone abusing the kittens and there are no cameras around RHA, Gabbert stated.

“There’s still not any evidence of a possible suspect,” Gabbert went on to say. “I have contacted Crime Stoppers. They haven’t heard anything about mistreatment of any kittens.”

However, animal control is still looking into the matter, he said.

“If there’s any information available then we will step forward and continue the investigation,” Gabbert stated.

The kittens are doing much better now, Barger admitted. She has dogs and also a rabbit at home where the kittens currently live and the four socialize well with the other animals.

“Now they’re being pretty normal kittens,” she explained.

However, they still scare easy and are wary of strangers, she added.

“If you’re carrying grocery bags, mopping . . . or if you drop anything” they become skittish and it scares them”.

Once they have all been spayed and neutered, they’ll be up for adoption through Carolina Animal Protection Society of Onslow County at

If anyone has any information at all about the kittens, they are urged to contact Onslow County Animal Services at 910-455-0182 and ask for Animal Control.

A report can also be made anonymously to Crime Stoppers by calling 910-938-3273 or through Text-A-Tip by typing TIP4CSJAX and your message to 274637.