Connecticut Shelter Seeking to Re-home 60 Seized Cats

DAYVILLE, CONNECTICUT – A Dayville animal shelter is asking for your help adopting the dozens of cats which animal control officers recently seized from a home. There are so many cats, there just isn’t enough room in their shelter.

They said 43 cats were brought to the Northeastern Connecticut Council of Governments in Dayville about two weeks ago and yet another 20 will be coming in soon.

Animal control officers said most of the cats are in fairly good healthy, but they all had to be rescued after a Sterling resident’s home went into foreclosure. The owner was no longer able to keep the cats.

“These were beloved pets of his, all came in with names and most of them are very, very friendly,” said Rita Peabody with Animal Control.

While volunteers are trying to make all the cats feel at home at the Northeastern Connecticut Council of Governments, there’s very little space to fit so many of them.

“So up here, we can basically hold ten to 12 cats. As you can see, all the cages are spoken for. They’ve all housed a kitty so the 60 cats were much more than we can usually hold,” said Peabody.

The shelter has even had to convert this dog kennel into a cat kennel due to a lack of space by using make-shift buckets and blankets to fit all the cats.

“Macaroni is a sweet girl, she is 8-years-old and she’s an older girl and she’s just so affectionate,” said Melissa Frink.

The shelter also now has a special Valentine’s promotion. For every cat adopted, the new owner will get a box of chocolates.

The cost is just $50 to adopt a cat. The shelter will do a background checks.