Seek a Vet’s Advice Prior to Purchasing a Flea Collar

Everyone aims to provide what their pet needs, be it food or protection. Commonly, our cats would have their problems with pests such as fleas or ticks.

There are always various preventive measures to get rid of them like medicated shampoos but one is not good for your fur friend at all!

This particular cat, named Onyx, had a flea collar around its neck for flea prevention.

The flea collar was purchased in a local pharmacy and it was supposed to help…

Unfortunately, Onyx began to suffer seizures, went blind and lost her life later.

Word quickly got around to the manufacturer but it was a mystery why Onyx died.

Flea collars have always been known to cause hair loss and skin problems to pets.

Like this poor cat shown here, the collar caused a serious chemical burn.

The lesson to be learned here? One should always seek a vet’s advice prior to purchasing a flea collar!

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