Small Cat Dumped in Plastic Bag in Australia, Now Recovering!

A small cat is quite lucky to be alive after it was stuffed in a plastic bag and dumped near a river in Queensland.

The small black and white kitty was rescued by a woman who found it while out for a walk near the Logan River in Jimboomba – about 50 kilometres south of Brisbane – on Wednesday afternoon.

The cat was in a empty bag of what was chicken feed.

‘Can’t believe [it]… we just found this cat in this bag still alive out at Cusack lane at the Logan River Bridge… she is so lucky,’ Queensland woman Katrina Thoroughgood wrote in a Facebook post.

‘We couldn’t believe it I heard it crying and thought it was in the bush its so lucky sitting on the edge of the water I don’t no (sic) how she survived.’

Ms Thoroughgood also shared pictures of the cat along with the bag it was found in.

Other people were very quick to react to the incident, with some describing it as ‘disgusting’ and ‘horrible’.

‘I can’t believe how sick some people are. Bloody mongrels that’s all I can say,’ Marlene Braxton went on to write.

‘Poor thing. Lucky you guys were there to save her,’ Suzie Quintal stated.

‘This is horrible makes me sick,’ Kirstie Bowden concluded.

The cat was immediately taken to a nearby veterinary clinic and is recovering well. and is recovering well.