Massachusetts State Trooper Goes The Extra Mile Shutting Down Traffic To Save Kitten From …

BOSTON — An adorable gray kitten that somehow managed to stray onto the Interstate 90 Connector Tunnel yesterday was rescued by a state trooper — and now the staties have begun seeking the public’s help naming the frisky feline.

The cat, who is undoubtedly down to only eight lives, thankfully made it out of the tunnel with her life but suffered an injury to her tail, police stated yesterday in statement on the agency’s Facebook page.

“Today, this little gal decided to play a little hide and seek in the Route 90 Connector Tunnel in Boston. Multiple calls were received about her walking around in the tunnel,” cops stated. “This little kitten looks like she has been through a lot, as she has lost quite a bit of fur on her tail from some sort of burn. Her prognosis is good however, and she will be up for adoption soon, when she is medically cleared.”

The cat was rescued with a bit of help from Sgt. Bob Dateo, who literally “shut traffic down to enable the rescue of her,” police stated.

The Animal Rescue League of Boston also pitched in to help rescue the kitty!

On their Facebook post about the curious kitty, state police later posted pictures of her, along with video of her walking on the side of the highway while cars whizzed by.

As of the other night, the post had been viewed in upwards of 1,000 times and generated more than 200 comments about how cute the kitty is, and with ideas for potential names.

Some suggested names for the kitty from people who commented on the post included: “Lucky,” “Boston,” “Beans,” “Troublemaker” and “Dateo — after her rescuer.”

Photo credits: Massachusetts State Police