Woman Arrested for Breaking and Entering and Stealing Her 2 Seized Cats Back from Shelter

KENT, OHIO – Kristeen L. Pascoe, 48, was arrested on Tuesday for stealing back the two cats that were taken from her, according to the Portage County Sheriff.

On the morning of March 11, an Animal Protective League employee arrived at the building and discovered a window had been broken out and that two cats were missing. Investigation revealed that the two cats had been seized from Pascoe back in February. All other animals were accounted for.

Portage County Sheriff also reported that on March 11 that an attempted entry was made to the Water Resources Department, which is also located on Infirmary Road. The Water Resource building and the Animal Protective League building are adjacent to each other.

Officials were able to obtain information from an investigation linking Pascoe to both of these incidents. Contact was made with her on March 11 and she was arrested.

Pascoe is currently in Portage Jail, officials said. She was charged with one count of breaking and entering, two counts of vandalism, and also one count of theft. She was arraigned and a $15,000 bond was set.

Seized cats or not, no one messes with a cat person’s cats!