Smart Cat Tricks Owner Into Giving Her Chicken. Who Says Cats Are Stupid?

Cats are among the smartest animals in the animal kingdom. Now, all the funny cat videos posted online don’t go in their favor, but they’re not as dumb as the average Joe thinks. Cats are cunning and deceiving and will do anything to get what they want, as this poor guy found out recently.

The cute Abyssinian cat in this video obvious had its eyes on the prize – a piece of chicken on the table. She knows that she won’t get any from her owner, so she conveniently used all her charm and cuteness in order to get what she wants.

Once the owner’s defenses are down, the cat strikes. He tells her no, but she’s adamant to get a piece of the juicy chicken piece. She’s stopped once again before the video ends, but we have no doubt in our mind that the piece of meat eventually ended in the kitty’s belly.

The hilarious video went viral immediately after being posted online, with many Redditors sharing their own similar cat stories. They serve to show that cats will do anything for good, even if it means being cute and kind. Way to go, moggies!