Family Hopes Two Cats, Having Been Severely Burned in House Fire, Will Survive Their Injuries

TAMPA, FLORIDA – It’s every cat lovers’ nightmare come true. A house fire.


A family has lost its entire home in a fire. Some of their pets were rescued, including two cats, both having been badly burned.

The blaze erupted in the afternoon last Tuesday. Neither of the two people who lived in the home were there at the time of the fire.

Four other cats perished in the fire.

“I think the hardest part is knowing…I’m sorry…it’s just knowing my babies, which (are) my cats….what they had to go through (and) what they suffered and I wish (I was) there to protect them, to help them,” Sally Buchanan said.

Sally’s young grandson, who lives next door, spotted smoke and was the one who called 9-11.

“I was thinking about the house and my heart dropped. Then I said, ‘Oh crap…the animals,'” Whitehead said.

Firefighters believe the fire started on account of a faulty electrical box.

“I wish I (would have been) here, honestly. I think I would’ve been able to save a lot of this,” Buchanan said.

Buchanan told reporters that her family is helping her and her husband through all of this. However, she said it is going to be a huge struggle to cover the cats’ medical bills which are compiling by the hour.

Lexi and Andy are the two kitties who have been hospitalized.


The two fur-babies are being treated at VetCare Harris Animal Hospital.

Sally has been visiting her two cats as often as she can.

Both of the kittys’ faces were badly burned and they are suffered various internal injuries.

“I can’t live with the idea of (losing) my four-legged babies,” Buchanan said.

Buchanan’s family set up a Go Fund Me page:

Anyone who would like to help Lexi and Andy Buchanan directly can call Vetcare Harris Animal Hospital for more information.