Sneaky But Smart Cat Pretends To Be Human To Avoid Confrontation With Dog …

Just about the thing to do when in close contact with someone you don’t want to talk to is to blend in with your surroundings. Perhaps you can laugh along with a group of strangers, hide behind a fake plant, or do literally anything to make yourself invisible.

In this absolutely hilarious video uploaded to Youtube by user Binshattan145, one particular cat wants absolutely nothing to do with a passing dog. After the cat notices the dog from the peripherals of his nervous side-eye, it acts fast.

About the only thing this stealth feline can think to do to avoid the dog and and to better blend in with its environment is casually clap along to a song sung by a nearby group of humans.

It’s totally safe. The big, scary dog is gone. The cat can and will breathe a sigh of relief. However we are assuming the dog will be back to collect the money the cat definitely owes him.

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